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For shipments of packages we only use the services of the DPD . For us it is not currently possible to deliver parcels with another parcel courier. Large orders will be delivered on pallets with various carriers .

When will I receive my order ?
Information about the status of your order you will find , in addition to the shipping confirmation sent to your email address is also in your account . If you log into your account and click on "my orders" , you will find an overview of your orders .

When the order status states' Processing ' it means that distribution center is currently processing your order.

Once your order has been transferred to our courier service the status changes in your account to "Sent". Usually this means that your order will be delivered the next working day .

Does my order fit through a mailbox?
No, products shipped by us does not fit through the letterbox/mailbox and will always be delivered in a parcel.

Can I have an order delivered to a PO Box address ?
No, at this time we have no possibility to deliver to a PO Box .

I can not find my order after searching the Track & Trace code
It is possible that after clicking the Track & Trace code , the following message is given : "There are no items found . This message can be caused by our package delivery the Track & Trace code has not been processed. You can check the status of your order in that case the next day.

If the same message three days after still appears and you have not received your order, we kindly request you to contact our customer service.

In my account it says that my order has been shipped . Why did not I receive my order ?
We strive to deliver your order ASAP. If its more than three days since your order has the "Sent" status and you have not received your order please contact us . If this period is shorter than 3 days we kindly ask you for patience. It is possible that your package is delivered within this period yet . It is also possible that the delivery is made to your neighbors. Therefore we ask you to check with your neighbors before making inquiries .

Are there other delivery times for orders shipped to an address outside the Netherlands?
For orders shipped to an address outside the Netherlands are different delivery times . The delivery of the order depends on the item with the longest delivery time, because all items as far as possible be sent at once. The delivery time depends on the country where the order is sent to. At present we can give no indication of delivery times outside the Netherlands .

Can I return my order ?
Yes, you can return undamaged items under certain conditions . Returns are at the buyer's risk . This means that bol.com is not liable for damage or loss of returned items . Please ask at the post office always a tracking code and keep it .

Will my order be delivered at once , even if I have multiple items in my order ?
If you have multiple items in e order and time, we do our best to also once delivered . all articles for you The delivery of your entire order will be equal to that of the product with the longest delivery time. It may be that we will ship the items independently.